2018, no. 1


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Dmitrii PARMACLI, PhD, Professor,Comrat State University, Republic of Moldova
Alina IANIOGLO, PhD,National Institute of Economic Research, Republic of Moldova

The article reveals that along with the traditional indicators of the efficiency of productive land use(the ratio between the results of the sale of in value or in kind products and the unit of land resources use), it is advisable to apply the indicator of the level of realization of their potential that will comprehensively reflect the achieved level of land use efficiency and possible reserves of increasing the agricultural production. Studies regarding the problems of the economic efficiency of agricultural production, including innovative developments aimed at increasing the productivity of land in the production of crop products, were carried out by many scientists, however, both in training and in real production conditions, as a rule, potential values of land use efficiency in industry are not taken into account. In this regard, studies of the methodological aspects of substantiation of the potential indicators of land productivity and the identification on this basis of the reserves for increasing the efficiency of land use become relevant. The purpose of the article is to present modern methodological tools for the economic evaluation of the efficiency of land use in agriculture. The proposed methodology for calculating potential yield indicators of the main cultivated crops was tested on the basis of the“Pobeda” collective farm in the Ceadir-Lunga district making a comparison between the actual and normative indicators of the profit per unit area. On this basis, land use efficiency reserves have been identified. The results of the research allows specialists of agricultural enterprises, as well as professors and students of higher education institutions to determine the normative indicators of land productivity and the profit volumes for each cultivated crop on the basis of simple calculations, and thus to identify reserves for improving land use efficiency.

resurse funciare, profit, utilizarea terenurilor, venituri din vânzări, costuri, rezerve, eficienţă.