2017, no. 1 & 2


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Angela TIMUS, PhD, Associate Professor, National Institute for Economic Research, Moldova
Cristina UNGUR, Researcher National Institute for Economic Research, Moldova
Irina RABOSAPCA, PhD, Lecturer, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Investments in fixed capital and human capital represent a reliable way to the economicdevelopment of the Republic of Moldova. The acceleration of investments can be achieved through anactive and viable financial market. The stimulation of institutional investors and of the process ofsecurities issuing and trading is a strategic development tool for the country. The purpose of the study isto analyze insurance companies as institutional investors and to present opportunities for investment instate securities. Markowitz and Sharpe’s theories of efficient investment portfolios selection based onprofitability and risk formed the theoretical and methodological framework. The research is based on datafrom the National Commission for Financial Markets, on the reports of Moldova’s Ministry of Financeand on the statistics from National Bank a National Bureau of Statistics. For secondary analysis, datareports from international organization such as OECD and Insurance Europe and International MonetaryFund have been used. The study was conducted by classical methods of the economic and financialanalysis. The results of research have shown that government securities are the most profitable of allsecurities issued on the primary financial market in the Republic of Moldova. In recent years, interestrates at the state securities are extremely attractive, more attractive than returns on investment in otherareas. State securities are the safest investment because the guarantor of this investment is government.That is why state securities are a very attractive investment area for insurance companies. The stimulationof the investment activity in the state can be achieved by using the primary market of governmentsecurities as an investment tool for capitalization of the investment potential of the insurance market.

investments, insurance companies, government securities, financial market, public debt.