2016, no. 2


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Bestenigar KARA, PhD Student, Turkey
Alexandru GRIBINCEA, PhD, Professor, ULIM

‘’Azerbaijan’s joy is our joy and Azerbaijan’s sorrow is our sorrow.’’
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

This study shortly deals with bilateral political and economic relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan, of which relations have acquired unique and irreplaceable dimension beyond brotherhood thanks to their common history, culture, religion and language. Within this frame the topic of article, there has been researched in depth as follows: short history of political and diplomatic relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey, bilateral foreign trade of the two states, energy cooperation of Azerbaijan and Turkey, cooperation of Azerbaijan and Turkey in transportation, investment and tourism as well. The topic of article is a current issue. On one hand, the world demands are increasing day by day and on the other hand, the world is shrinking due to fast developing technology and innovations. Considering such, that world we can apperceive the importance of two fields which sometimes interact with each other: energy and transportation. Within this frame, the joint projects of Turkey and Azerbaijan in these fields that will end in the future time have characteristics of creating a big reaction around the world. On this basis, the main aim of study was to reveal the intensive cooperation areas of Turkey and Azerbaijan, their bilateral foreign trade and to find out the problems underlying their bilateral economic relations despite those countries have pretty closed relations. The methodology of research. Literature research, historical method and comparison method have been used for this study.

Azerbaijan, Turkey, economic, export, import, pipeline, project.