2016, no. 1


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Sergiu GARSTEA, PhD Student, State University of Moldova
Iulita BIRCA, Scientific Researcher, National Institute for Economic Research, Moldova
Alexandru GRIBINCEA, PhD, Professor, Free International University of Moldova

Once the acute phases of the financial and euro crises were over, it was clear that it would take time for advanced economies to recover. The history of past financial crises gave a clear warning that recovery would typically be long and painful. The aim is to investigate the state of the world economy to make some conclusions for the less advanced countries, like Moldova. Research methodology involves analytical, comparative, foresight, induction and deduction methods. New development and planning institutions presume the rejection of forms of bureaucratic centralism and base on network forms of organization of the subject and the process of production, trade and services.

economic growth, crisis, post-crisis, benefits, efficiency, time required.