2017, no. 4


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Vitalie IGNAT, PhD, Associate Professor, State Agrarian University of Moldova
Tatiana BUJOR, PhD, Associate Professor, State Agrarian University of Moldova
Alexandru NISTIRIUC, PhD, Associate Professor, State Agrarian University of Moldova
Sergiu COVALI, University Lecturer, State Agrarian University of Moldov

Under the conditions of the market relations in the activity of the agricultural exploitations, the profit role is considerably increasing as a complicated economic category, the size of which depends not only on the results of the management year but also on the pace of further development of the enterprise. The aim of the research is to study the influence of the optimization of production structure on the profit increase. The problem of profit increase is studied by many scientists in scientific literature, including L. Zahiu, L. Kulikov, D. Parmacli, N. Volkova, etc., however its increase by optimizing the production structure of S.R.L. is not approached. We have tried to solve this problem using the mathematical modeling method, making up the economic-mathematical model, in which a unique calculation takes into account the multitude of factors that influence the production structure of agricultural exploitations. Several modifications of the mathematical models and especially of M. Braslavet and  R. Kravchenko scientists were studied in this context, on the basis of which the model corresponding to the working conditions of the research object – S.R.L. „Regis-Agro” has been developed. According to the restrictions of the economic-mathematical model, the objective function and the input information there was formulated the concrete problem which was solved with the computer. Analyzing the obtained data, we can see that the optimal production structure will give the household the opportunity to increase the profit by 80.2% compared to the average of the years 2011-2016. 

mărimea profitului, optimizarea structurii de producție, program de producție, metode economico-matematice de modelare, active curente, structura producției, metode matematice.