2016, no. 4


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Nicolae PLATON, PhD, Associate Professor, President of the Tourism Information and Promotion Center of Moldova

Publication of this article aims to raise awareness among the decision makers in tourism filed, which are responsible for this branch, and to undertake concrete actions related to organizational management for a sustainable development of tourism industry in the Republic of Moldova. The popularity created around the concept of sustainable development has led the author’s conviction that tourism can be developed in compliance with the philosophy of sustainability. In seeking solutions for achieving the sustainable development there is required a specific sectoral view as that of services performance in the tourism field. Because of the intensive connection of tourism with many other economic and social development areas, sustainable tourism should be seen as a whole that encompasses all other sectors, this representing an essential argument in planning the government’s agenda. Tourism planning and development should be integrated at all levels, so that the development policies of this sector should reflect the regional, national and international levels. Analyzing the deficiencies and problems faced by the branch of tourism of the Republic of Moldova, the author comes up with proposals on the implementation of concrete actions which would boost this industry, capable of becoming a competitive and balanced developed economic sector, to be supplier of hard currency in the country, to effectively capitalize on heritage tourism, to promote Moldovan hospitality and to ensure welfare of the population involved in servicing tourists. Research methodology lies in identification of the problem, data collection and information about the tourism branch, solution proposals and formulating conclusion. Identification of the problem. Functionality of Moldovan tourism industry largely depends on state policy in the management of this branch. Nowadays, the legal and regulatory framework is outdated and Law 352 “On the organization and conduct of tourism activity in the Republic of Moldova”, requires major changes. Many segments of the sector have no regulations. The tourism market is growing faster than the normative base. Recommendations. Improvement of the legal framework in the field of tourism, in accordance with the requirements of the tourism market, harmonization of tourism legislation to European standards, implementation of actions proposed by the author in the 5 areas of intervention in the tourism industry.

tourism, sustainable development, tourism industry, inbound tourism, tourism potential, tourism information and promotion structures, tourism brand, tourism register, tourist areas.