2017, no. 4


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Lilia SARGU, PhD, Associate Professor, University of European Studies of Moldova
Stefan OANTA, PhD Student, The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania

Representing their interests under current conditions is one of the countries’ pressing issues. Large, potential and resource-intensive countries use all the methods to establish themselves on larger territories, and the neighborhood policy turns into an intensification of interference. The level of Russia’s influence over the last period is not only discussed in the media but also well felt as a result not only at the European but also at the world level. Its potential for influence becomes more and more impressive and openly declared. The purpose of this paper is to identify the particularities of the lobbying activity undertaken by Russia in the face of the European Union as a result of the last political manifestations. The study is based on grounded comments by international policy analysts. Analysis of the political relationship based on Russian lobbying in EU countries and economic relations lost or gained as a result of these large-scale activities has been carried out. In the study we present the most important events that show us the paths and ways Russia tried to lobby in Europe. 

As a result of the study, the authors came to the conclusion that lobbying in Russia has a dynamic evolution in comparison with European countries. The external political relations with the most influential forces of the world act as a catalyst for lobbying. The peculiarities of Russian lobbying do not differ from the object of international lobbying, and the initiatives of the areas of influence are characteristic of both their national and self-defence interests.

lobby, cooperare, sancțiuni, parteneri comerciali, companii.