2015, no. 3


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Simion CERTAN, PhD, Professor,State Agrarian University of Moldova
Ion CERTAN, PhD,Moldova State Institute of International Relations

After twenty-four years of reforming the national economy by dismantling the centrallyadministered economic system and the establishment of market economy system, suppression of publicand amplification of private property our country has reached an advanced level of poverty. In thisprocess, national economy development passed through important changes not only in form, but also infund. This situation requires intensification of concerns related to the national economy, whichdetermines the actuality of this study. In the research, there were applied specific methods andtechniques of economic investigations, based on the statistical yearbooks of the Republic of Moldova andEurostat and other afferent publications. In the article, the authors reflect on the evolution of ourcountry’s economy and come up with some suggestions that would contribute to the sustainabledevelopment of the national economy.

economy, policies, development, efficiency, mechanisms, market.