2017, no. 1 & 2


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Tudor BAJURA, PhD, Professor, National Institute for Economic Research, Moldova

The investment process in rural areas of Moldova, especially – in agricultural sector of the nationaleconomy, in last decades is under considerable strain caused by permanent lack of financial resources onagribusinesses enterprises and almost symbolic financial aid from the state. As a result, large parts ofagricultural land remain unprocessed years in a row, which is why both farmers and entirely nationaleconomy suffer essential economic losses. Given the fact that the possibilities of state financial assistance inthe agricultural sector in our country are limited, in this article we propose alternative ways to overcome thecrisis, argued from the ecological point of view and acceptable from economic considerations of villagers.The purpose of the study is to identify obstacles on the way of carrying out the investment process in ruralareas of the country, establishing ways to overcome the deep and long lasting crisis both in the investmentactivity and efficiency of the agro-industrial sector of the Republic of Moldova entirely. As a basic source ofinformation for the article there were used different information collections of “General Agricultural Census2011 in Moldova”. As a basis of the research methods there were used analysis and synthesis, comparison,trend identification methods, dynamic lines and their analysis, etc. According to the established goal, themain results of the carried out investigations are expected as rational and efficient use of tens of thousandsof hectares of agricultural land which, beginning from the first stage of reforming of the agricultural sectorand ending with today, remain outside of the application process, simultaneously being removed from theirmarket circuit and converted into fallow areas.

investments, farmland, market circuit, alternative energy sources, agricultural machinery, forestry crops, orchards of nuts etc.