2016, no. 2


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Tudor BAJURA, PhD, professor National Institute for Economic Research

It is well known that in the conditions of financial-economic crisis, food security situation is aggravated. The validity of this axiom is characteristic, in the first place, for less developed countries, economic activities of which is based mainly on the production of agri-industrial commodities with relatively low value-added, reflected in decreased opportunities for investment, attracting foreign capital, etc. A detailed analysis and modern scientific study of the nature of the problem regarding food security is the actual direction of scientific activities.The aim of this work is to identify the true causes that provoke the lack of guaranteed food supply, rigid dependence on food imports and the development of measures of counteraction to all this negativephenomena. During the study of food security problems were used methods of formation of dynamic ranges, methods of comparison, approximation, etc. As the obtained results it should be noted the proposed measures for the accelerated development of the industry of cattle, as well as other types of meat and dairy products, that are designed to replace the massive import of relevant products in order to improve the balance of foreign trade, in the first place, according to the article “Live animals and livestock products”.

Food security, economic crisis, gross capital formation, food cart, import and export of agricultural goods etc.