2017, no. 1 & 2


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Tetiana KONIEVA, PhD, Associate Professor, Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University Mykolaiv Ukraine

Reducing the cost of capital is one of the main tasks of financial management of any enterprise.Because of dynamism of market conditions, the economic situation in the country, the existingrequirements of the legislation, the volume, structure, cost of financial resources of the enterprise fallunder the influence of various factors. The goal of this article is to analyze the specific features of theinfluence of different factors on the weighted average cost of capital in Ukraine as a basis fordevelopment of methods for its reducing. Investigation of factors that influence on the company’s financialresources was carried out in the directions determined by the classical formula of the weighted averagecost of capital (WACC), estimation of the cost of net assets’ attracting (CAPM model). Special attentionwas paid to the analysis of the domestic legislative base concerning the permitted forms of businessorganization in Ukraine, requirements for the emission and dividend policy of the enterprise, size of itsregistered, reserve capital, share of net assets in financial resources. Based on the statistical data ofdomestic business entities, their ownership structure, sources of financing, specific features of theeconomic sector’s influence were analyzed. As a result, the prevalence of corporate enterprises in Ukrainewas revealed, which is connected with relatively low costs and favorable conditions for establishment andregistration. As part of the analysis of the financial resources’ structure high level of dependence fromdebts, the popularity of commercial credit, negative effect of financial leverage were found at theUkrainian enterprises. The features of the economic sector of enterprise were analyzed, that determine thevolume of capital investments for creation and development, duration of the operational cycle,seasonality, operating and investment activities, the level of profitability, which affect the volume,structure, cost of the capital of business entity.

net assets, loan capital, cost of capital, taxation, dividends, economic sector.