2014, no. 3


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Gheorghe RUSU, PhD, Professor, UASM
Mihai BUMBU, PhD Student, USM

Wrong economic growth doctrine based, primarily, on social consumption, did not give a positive expected effect from the implemented reforms in the recent years.

In this paper it is proposed a real change of the doctrine of economic development, perspectively, and namely: the main emphasis is put on the priority development of agro-industrial exporter system by strengthening of research activity and development of this field by innovation and technology transfer oriented toward deep processing of the competitive and efficient agricultural production for export. The achievement of these priorities will significantly increase the local economic potential and will bring out economy from decline, creating a solid financial and economic basis for reduction of the poverty and increasion of the standard of living of the population.

doctrines of development, agro-industry, consumer-based economy, profound crisis, export, economic imbalance, priority branch, investments.