2015, no. 4


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Corina MATEI GHERMAN, PhD, Writer Journalists and Travel Writers Association, Iasi branch, AGER, Romania

Communication occurs when a transmitter transmits to a transmitter, information or messages related to a specific subject (product, service, idea, etc.) for the purpose of this receptor messages, make it known to awaken a certain emotional reaction. Communication through images offer multiple advantages over media communication, it uses the most modern means of collection, processing and transmission of the image with which beneficiaries can build brand company / person using marketing techniques and gaining important benefits in terms promoting products or services. Image is an important communication support, which should give it considerable attention generation, transmission and its reception by a coded language, well structured and efficient. Method and methodology – for the study we used the literature in the field and direct observation. The results were processed by methods of literature and practical examples taking place in an unstable competitive environment.

communication, image, service, potential customer.