2016, no. 4


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Tudor BAJURA, PhD, Professor, National Institute for Economic Research

The global financial and economic crisis of 2008-2009 has created a state of uncertainty and instability in virtually all fragments of the general management system, based on market relationship. Unfortunately, this state is not overcame even today, creating different and very difficult problems deficits on managerial decision making, especially for the small farmers in rural area. The main goal of the article is to identify, based on carried out investigations, the most favorable directions of farming, given that the aforementioned global crisis has caused significant changes in the correlation between costs and market prices for many agricultural products, primarily – cereals. The methodological basis of investigations is the analysis of dynamic rows in agricultural production, as well as methods of comparison, different methodological approaches, concerning business assessment, identification and / or risk assessment etc. As a main result of the carried out investigations can be seen through the effective management of agricultural diagnosis at the level of regional market of grain products, including – planning rational structure of fruit crops for 2017 and subsequent years in the near future.

market, market prices, cereals, cereal products, trends, regional market, global market, dynamic of prices etc.