2015, no. 2


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Vadim MACARI , PhD, Research associate professor, NIER

The topicality of this article is determined by the significant impact of territorial (regional) factor on the competitiveness of economic units. The main purpose of the article is to determine the certain aspects of mechanisms of this impact. The following basic research methods were used: systemic analysis, monographic, qualitative and quantitative analysis, synthesis, generalizations, historical and logical, deductive and inductive, etc. The main scientific results of the research obtained in the article are the following: definition and role of territorial competitive advantages; highlighting of some regional environmental factors, which influence competitiveness and stability of an enterprise on several quality levels; detection of peculiarities of regional competitiveness policy; generalization of the methods of complex evaluation of competitive advantages; detection of success factors in regions with above average economic performance; characterization of policies of territorial development support (Danish, Italian and German models).

competitiveness, territorial (regional) factor, competitive territorial (regional) advantages, regional policy of competitiveness, complex assessment of regional competitive advantages, national models of territorial development policies.