2017, no. 1 & 2


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Rodica PERCIUN, PhD, Associate Professor, National Institute for Economic Research, Moldova
Dorina CLICHICI, PhD, Senior Researcher III, Institute for World Economy, Romania

In this article authors provide an overview of national strategies that directly or indirectlyconsider the management of financial stability. The actuality of this research topic is based on severalfactors. Firstly, the depth of the global financial crisis that started in 2007 has shown that financialstability must be ensured and monitored by competent authorities. Secondly, the situation of the nationaleconomy has been worsened since 2015, as a result of massive dilapidation of funds and serious violationswith regard to preserving the systemic financial stability of the Republic of Moldova. Under the presentstate the issue of ensuring financial stability becomes more significant and important. The purpose of theresearch is to analyze and synthesize national strategies which reflect the management of financialstability and to detect the existing gaps. The scientific methods used are the following: systemic approach,analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction, logical analysis, critical analysis, etc. The research hasfound that the policy of preserving the systemic financial stability is missing from the current nationalstrategies, and there is a huge gap with regard to banking supervision and the objective of ensuringsystemic financial stability.

financial stability, strategy, management, central bank, economic security, national security, etc.